Meet Dr. Lawson and Madewell OBGYN Staff!


Yolanda Lawson, MD, FACOG, is a Board Certified OBGYN and Associate Attending at Baylor University Medical Center. Her genuine passion for the physical, emotional, and overall health of women, combined with her dedication, energy, and commitment to excellence has motivated her to create her own practice in Dallas, MadeWell Obstetrics and Gynecology.

She and her staff were the first office to host a Med Couture Dress to Impress Office Takeover!

Believing every woman is unique and that every stage of one’s life is significant, Dr. Lawson runs her practice with the understanding that a person’s healthcare should be equally unique and significant. Her primary objective is to provide superior organic healthcare with concern and respect for her patients. She is very conscientious of each person’s specific needs, by going above and beyond in her bedside manner.

Authentic and fashion forward: That’s why she’s the perfect spokesperson for Med Couture. When you walk into the Madewell clinic, it’s absolutely chic. From modern furniture to zebra rugs the office is very beautiful. Then, you’re greeted by the bubbly staff that make you feel right at home! At her practice Dr. Lawson strives to administer world-class wellness to women of all ages and phases, aspiring toward a new standard in healthcare. Serving the practical needs of her clients professionally and with compassion is vital to her.

Her favorite Med Couture items are the Flex-it Top and Empire Waist Fashion Lab Coat.

Simply put, she says, “Med Couture scrubs are awesome!” She adds, “First of all, the comfort is amazing. I like the draw-string along with the banded waist. It offers you a little bit more support. I love the flex-form back that offers another level of comfort, because at the end of the day—we’re working so long and our hours are so long—any bit of comfort that can be offered to me makes a difference.”  She continues to explain, “the pockets are great, and all the little different compartments for my pens and badges.  I love Med Couture because the scrubs move with me throughout the day! They are so soft and comfortable.”

Dr. Lawson sits on a variety of boards and serves as a volunteer at many other community activities and organizations while continuing her commitment to studying the latest in educational, innovative healthcare techniques and technology.

“Med Couture scrubs are functional and well designed for working healthcare professionals. ”