Med Couture designs, manufactures, and markets cutting-edge, fashion-forward scrubs for the health care industry, featuring high-quality clothing that look good and make you feel good wearing them. In 1987, Barry Rothschild founded Peaches and developed his own line of scrubs which featured color, class, and character. In 2015, Peaches was re-branded as Med Couture, continuing the company’s long-standing commitment and track record of creating superior products with superior fabrics and superior workmanship.

But a product is more than a purchasable item; it’s the byproduct of the company who created it. And Med Couture culture is interwoven into every item they produce: qualities like authenticity, innovation, excellence, quality control, fun, health, and wellness. Believing that business is just people dealing with other people, Med Couture puts the highest premium on the relationships they build with customers and partners as well as those within the Med Couture family.


+ Authenticity

+ Cutting-edge, Fashion-forward

+ High Quality

+ Wellness


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