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As an admissions coordinator at a Dallas/Fort Worth hospital, Sam Schandorff is the first face most patients usually see when they enter the doors, so she makes sure they are comfortable and informed on the details of their procedure. That keeps her pretty busy most every day. She’s also pursuing a degree in diagnostic sonography.

In addition to those duties, she also serves as one of Med Couture’s Brand Ambassadors, part of a program we’ve initiated to feature real-life healthcare professionals in the use of our online, promotional, and catalog programs.

Because Med Couture places such a priority on honesty, transparency, and genuineness, we don’t search for professional models and actresses to “model” our products. We want doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians, and other healthcare professionals to be the “faces” that people see in Med Couture garments because they’re the people out there doing such great work and making such a difference in our communities.

That’s what makes Sam a perfect fit. She’s a people person, which comes in especially helpful at work, where, as an admissions coordinator, she not only sees a lot of people every shift, but she sees a lot of people when they’re under stressful situations. “I love building relationships and having a job where I am face-to-face with the patient,” she says. Not only getting to know people, but being a part of their lives and making a difference in times of great need is important to Sam. She explains that what makes her job most rewarding is “when patients return for future procedures because they genuinely trust us with their life. Or when they recommend us to family and friends for procedures because their experience was so great.”

Life in the healthcare world is not easy, with many challenging days and long, hard hours. But Sam tries to see things from the perspective of the patient and to take into account the stressful nature of what she does and where she’s at. In coping with those strained and strenuous days, she follows a brief prescription: “Trying not to take things too personally and, instead, trying to understand that people get nervous and stressed. Everyone deals with emotions in their own way.”

As far as her specific position as an admissions coordinator, she says it’s a great entry point for a career in the medical field.  “It familiarizes you with all the opportunities that are available,” she explains. “I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the area of medicine but unsure where they would fit in because you get to see every field in action.”

As far as scrubs are concerned, she’s a huge fan of Med Couture. When asked why she wears them, she answers, “Med Couture has found a way to make scrubs cute and fun while keeping them extremely comfortable and functional. They are flattering to my figure which makes me feel confident, and the colors make me feel stylish.”

She adds, “The other labels I have worn are very unflattering and bland. Med Couture offers options for every shape and build and in every color you can think of! Top notch, the best of the best. That is certainly what you get from Med Couture.”

As a Med Couture Brand Ambassador, Sam received an individualized photo shoot and a set of Med Couture scrubs. She is also a featured professional in Med Couture’s catalogs and social media.

The ideal candidate for the Brand Ambassador program is a current employee in a healthcare-related industry, working in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, who is active with social media and in their community, and is a Med Couture customer.

For those interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador, please contact Med Couture with your name, age, picture, and place of work. For any questions, feel free to send us a message through Facebook. Our regular photo shoots are held in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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