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Just days after launching (and delivering) the Summer 2017 Collection for all of Med Couture’s brands, we sat down with our lead, in-house designer, Julie Schragin, to discuss Summer fashion trends and her favorite features from our newest seasonal line.

What inspired the Summer collection as a whole?

Soft tropical colors. This is a huge trend in fashion today, and when the colors are such beautiful tones, it’s easy to mix them into the line because our luxuriant fabrics dye well in saturated and vibrant colors.

Why is the NEW! Activate fabric great for Summer wear?

This fabric is amazing! It’s perfect for Summer because it is a 4-way stretch fabric that is light weight, quick drying, and wrinkle resistant. The fabric can be worn year round because during a long shift you need something that will move with you as well as help you stay dry and feeling great!

What are some of your favorite features within the Activate line?

The line has unique functional features on each garment from cool logo zippers, snaps and drawstrings, to multiple pockets. Activate takes functionality to a new fashionable level. My favorite color within the new Summer colors is Sea Crystal because it looks great on any skin tone!

What would you call out as your favorites in the Med Couture line?

Med Couture is hands down our most popular line. It has been around the longest and the fabric is classic but innovative with a little stretch, so when I look to expanding the line I have to think about this collection carefully. My favorite Summer color within this line is the Ice Blue. It’s personally my favorite shade of blue, so I really hope our customers fall in love with it too!

How did you decide to update MC2?

You can definitely see the tropical inspiration first hand within this line. Since our prints do so well in the MC2 collection I have more freedom to play, so you can see two really cute tropical prints here. I can’t pick a favorite new color in this collection because both are such pretty tones of purple and blue, they are just gorgeous!

What motivates you to design healthcare apparel?

I like making sure that everyone who wears Mead Couture feels as though they spent their hard-earned money on the highest quality garments — and that they feel comfortable and pretty! I designed each garment with functionality for everyday use. I love that Med Couture is the leader in fashionable healthcare apparel because it allows me to play with higher-end details. Every day is packed full of creativity and quick thinking. It takes our whole team to complete a collection, not just me!

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