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What can really be said about the day-in-the-life of a nurse? The bond that exists between them? And what do they look for in scrubs? The answers may surprise you.

We spent the day at Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital in Dallas chatting with their amazing nurses on staff, and we left feeling both inspired with these real-life heroes, and intrigued by what most impresses them about Med Couture. It really puts things into perspective when we get to see how helpful and functional our scrubs are for these everyday lifesavers!

“You never know what to expect when you walk through the doors,” said nurse Paige McWay. “I would say your 12 hour shifts aren’t really about yourself.” With these nurses, they put everything into caring for each patient they have. “Fulfilling is the one word I would use to describe how it feels to help someone. It really serves you well to serve someone else,” said Anne Marie Campbell.

When looking for scrubs, Cadie Ranson said that the nurses “wear them every single day, and we’re moving in all kinds of different directions, so they have to be comfortable and flexible.” It is this kind of feedback that has helped us develop our Activate collection to fit the needs of the nurses that need that extra comfort and flexibility in order to get their jobs done.

Glenda Estill let us know that Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital has worn Med Couture for several years and exclaims that “they’re easy to care for and they last. At the end of the day you look as fresh as you did in the beginning of the day!” Fresh is good.

We could not be more proud that Med Couture is there to provide comfort, flexibility, and overall style to the busy nurses of Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital. We hope that our scrubs can serve you well too! If they do, let us know how much you #lovemedcouture on social media! Also, be sure to look out for our nurse conversations video we filmed at Scottish Rite. Coming Soon!

At Med Couture, we really want to take into consideration the opinion of our customers. That’s why we love getting feedback and we love when you #lovemedcouture!

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