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At Med Couture, we absolutely love to hear how our customers are balancing their hectic lives while wearing our scrubs! We asked the ever-busy Whitney to tell us what a typical day is like for her and we couldn’t imagine what all she does. See how Whitney is handling her marriage, motherhood, pregnancy, and work with style!

As a wife, dental hygienist, and mom to a busy toddler (and a baby on the way), life is about balance! On a typical day, I’m up about 6:30am. I have a quick breakfast and sip iced coffee while doing makeup and making my hair look presentable. My nearly 2 year old daughter wakes about 7:00am for a diaper change, her OOTD and breakfast. We are blessed to have family members who help care for her while “Da” and “Mom” work.

I work 8+ hour days of dental hygiene. I work part-time jobs in pediatric and general offices. I get the best of both worlds! This week alone I worked with a wide range of ages, age 3 to 90! Whether it’s their first time getting their teeth cleaned, or the first time in 20 years, it’s a fun challenge.

I love wearing Med Couture scrubs because I don’t feel like a “scrub” in them. Not only are they comfy, but also there are cute color combos so I can accessorize with a matching watch, headband, and shoes. There are plenty of pockets to hold everything I need such as a pen, highlighter, and my phone (shhh!). The PLUS + ONE maternity top is a staple lately. The material is so soft and stretchy. I’ve gotten lots of compliments.

After work, I am ready to see my husband and my baby girl. We feed her dinner, have bath time, read a book and watch Trolls until we put her to bed about 7 p.m. Then hubby and I have our own dinner, and get to work on laundry and preparing for the next day, before settling into bed and watching something on Netflix.

Don’t forget to floss then brush before bed! I prefer/recommend floss picks! Just a friendly tip from your dental hygienist.

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