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In keeping with one of our most cherished foundational principles and core business themes – authenticity – Med Couture has launched our Brand Ambassador/Model Search program where we reach out to local Dallas/Fort Worth area healthcare professionals for inclusion in our catalog and online promotional efforts.

Because we value honesty, transparency, and genuineness so highly and pursue those qualities so earnestly in our daily business dealings, we want them to be exhibited in the many “faces” Med Couture presents in promoting our products. That’s why we partner with real healthcare professionals in our media and marketing projects.

Doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians, admissions personnel … Because they’re the people out there doing such great work and making such a difference in our communities, they’re the ones we want “modeling” our products.

The ideal candidate for our Brand Ambassador program will be a current employee in a healthcare-related industry, working in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, who is active with social media and in their community, and is a Med Couture customer. Selected Ambassadors will receive an individualized photo shoot and a set of Med Couture scrubs. They will be a featured professional in Med Couture’s catalogs and social media.

One of our recent Med Couture Brand Ambassadors is Stephanie Delarosa, a behavioral therapist, whose professional goal is to “promote learning and language development through engagement.” She loves helping others and being a part in the progress of her patients. She also loves wearing Med Couture, which she says makes her feel “confident and comfortable to do my job every day. Fashion and comfort in one!”

In explaining the most outstanding benefits of this program, Med Couture Marketing Director Mayra Alcantar says, “We get to showcase professionals who want to inspire and educate individuals about healthcare and how it improves the quality of life.”

For those interested in becoming a Med Couture Ambassador, please contact us with your name, age, picture, and place of work. For any questions, feel free to message us through Facebook. We hold our regular photo shoots in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Don’t forget to check us out on our social channels for upcoming Brand Ambassador/Model Search opportunities as well as our regularly posted Healthy Habits and Win It Wednesdays.

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