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Project Med Couture is in full swing! The El Centro College students stopped by the office last week to show our CEO, Barry Rothschild, and designer, Julie Schragin, their designs. Each student had 5 sketches to show, and had some time to walk Barry and Julie through their design elements and process.

Each student had very distinct design features that Julie and Barry found to be extremely unique. It was so interesting hearing the students talk about their sketches and really bring them to life with their captivating descriptions.

Julie gave feedback on functionality while Barry gave feedback on the overall look. Julie even went into detail with every student about how to build off of their sketches in order to make the scrubs they design functional and stylish.

The next step in Project Med Couture is the muslin presentations. This is when the students will have their sketches brought to life in muslin cloth to show the Med Couture team. This is when they can make edits to their design and figure out measurements with actual fabric. After their muslin samples, they will make their scrubs in either Activate fabric, or the new Air fabric.


Stay tuned to see what’s next for Project Med Couture! Things are getting very exciting around here!


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