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Last Wednesday, we got the opportunity to visit the amazing students at El Centro College and see their “muslin” presentations. Med Couture gave them some older colorful fabric in our ‘Activate’ and our new ‘Air’ lines to work with.

Seeing each student’s sketches come to life was so inspiring. We got to see each student’s distinct style and hear him or her talk about each aspect of their design. Seeing the passion that these students have for their work is something we greatly appreciated!

Some students had detailed stitching, some had distinct pockets, and some even had accessory pieces to go along with their designs. See how students made this project their own are exactly what we hoped for when we started Project Med Couture. Getting an array of different perspectives and input is what is going to make this project a success!

The students received feedback from Med Couture designers Julie and Raquel, and will take that feedback into consideration as they start to work on their final pieces. Julie and Raquel, with their background knowledge on working with scrubs, gave the students pointers on working with the fabric and exactly what healthcare professionals are looking for in function scrubs.

With each student’s designs being so different, we have got our work cut out for us! Stay tuned because the next time we meet will be the final presentation!

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