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The time has finally come! The students at El Centro College have been hard at work all semester with sketches, fittings, muslin presentations, and now the real thing – the final presentation. We were so excited to see everyone’s final projects as the suspense has been killing us! Students made last minute adjustments to almost every piece so it was like we were seeing new ideas all over again.

The students gathered at the Med Couture headquarters last week with their projects in tow. Barry, the CEO, and Julie, the designer, were the judges for this finale presentation and were sure to ask questions and take photos of each garment that they loved.

The students presented one at a time and showcased 2 different scrub tops and 1 scrub pant. The versatility of some of the garments was amazing to say the least! There was beautiful embroidery, color blocking, ruching, creative stitching, and mesmerizing patterns.

After deliberating for what felt like hours, Barry and Julie came back with a first and second place winner! Of course, to build even more anticipation, Barry gave a heartfelt speech about how much this project meant to him. Getting to see the students put so much effort into designing new scrubs was truly amazing. Once the speech was over, he announced that Alex won first place! She was ecstatic and smiled from ear to ear. Drumroll for the second place winner…. It was Kyle! He was in complete shock and came rushing around to collect his certificate. Funny story about Kyle, one of his shoes broke on his way to Med Couture, so he gave his final presentation with no shoes on!

With the help of the amazing students at El Centro College’s Design school, and Michael’s, Project Med Couture has come to an end. Getting to see the passion in these students over the last few months has renewed our passion and truly given us new ideas that we could have never come up with on our own. We take pride in always evolving and improving and we think that Project Med Couture was such a great tool. Stay tuned, we might be headed to a school near you!

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