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Have you ever had an experience that changed your life? Well, one of our Brand Ambassadors Janeen had just that! She went down to Puerto Rico in order to offer aid to those in need after a devastating hurricane, and her story is amazing! Read how she got to put her training to use in a time of crisis below.

We often take things for granted and don’t realize that our lives can change in the blink of an eye – sometimes that change comes by way of an unsuspecting opportunity. To aid the people of Puerto Rico during what was, and still is, a devastation to the island my hospital Montefiore Medical Center joined the Puerto Rico Relief team, enlisting the help of nurses, doctors, and pharmacist for on the ground support. In a weeks time, I learned that I would be spending 14 days as part of the relief team. I didn’t realize how impactful this experience would be when I was first propositioned for it, but it was one that ultimately changed my life. 

I’ve been practicing for two years as an adult neuroscience Registered Nurse, and was excited to put my experience thus far to the test in emergency situations. I learned I’d be deployed for 14 days in Farjado, Puerto Rico, an area on the island that experienced much devastation as a result of the hurricane. We worked 12 hours a day in a military tent set up as an Emergency Room. Our team of 14 learned very quickly to do our job efficiently and with not as many resources as we were used to. We ultimately became family because of this – sharing close quarters as a living space helped as well.  

We treated over 1000 patients in 10 days, and with the help of incredible around the clock translators, we were able to breakthrough the language barrier. The patients we helped ranged from simple bruises to those having an acute myocardial infarction.  While the experience of helping such a large influx of patients was rewarding professionally, what made this even more special was witnessing the resiliency of the people of Puerto Rico who showed so much appreciation for our help. 

I left Puerto Rico feeling a renewed sense of pride in the nursing profession and its power to breath life into any situation that seems hopeless. If your goal in your career is to fill as fulfilled by your profession as possible, always take on the unique challenges – they’re enriching in ways you can’t imagine and a blessing in more ways than one.

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