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Happy National Women’s History Month! At Med Couture, we are celebrating some amazing women that we love! Our #WomanCrushWednesday posts will be going on all throughout the month so be sure to tag along! This week we are highlighting Jade! She is one of our amazing brand ambassadors and we love her personality and positivity! Follow her on Instagram @jademayfield!

My name is Jade Mayfield. I was brought into this wonderful world 24 years ago. I had a pretty average child hood with it’s happy and not so happy moments. When I was 16 I lost my grandmother to a heart attack, and my father and grandfather to suicide within a few months apart. Back then, I was to young to understand how important education and knowledge are to someone’s health. Many diseases and psych problems can be prevented or symptoms decreased with knowledge of medication side effects, diet, exercise, interventions and etc. 

Fortunately, I was introduced into the field of nursing in high school. I had a wonderful health science teacher who also happened to be the school nurse. In class, she would tell us stories of her nursing career. I was so intrigued by the excitement and compassion of nursing. I found out the knowledge I could gain as a nurse would give me the tools I need to help the people I love. I believe knowledge is a powerful tool. I knew then, I wanted to pursue a career in nursing. I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life.

I obtained my nursing degree at Kilgore College with Phi Theta Kappa Honors. I modeled throughout college to help pay for part of my tuition/books. I plan on going back to school to obtain an MSN. 

I started work on a Medical Surgical floor about 2 years ago to obtain time management and critical thinking skills as a new graduate nurse. I plan on pursing my dream as an ICU nurse in the near future. 

I thank God every day for the blessings and strength he has given me through my life. 

It’s hard for many of us to remember a time when comfortable and practical uniforms weren’t the norm for daily wear in every area of healthcare. But, like all clothing styles, scrubs have a history, and has shown that although past generations of ladies within our industry practiced with the same heartfelt passion for saving lives, they did so without much of a voice nor choice in uniforms, of which were often restrictive and made performing even the most basic of tasks difficult. We’ve come a long way since then and Med Couture is a great example of this.

Nurses are taught to care for others; it is ingrained into our life purpose but ultimately, a calling planted into our hearts before we were born. I’m most passionate about my career and every life my job enables me to able to touch, inspire, love, save & heal while under my care. I’ve also carried a love and passion for the latest styles and trends ever since I was a little girl, and it makes my heart overjoyed to help other women feel beautiful and empowered upon learning the importance of self-love. I believe powerless nurses are ineffective nurses so my goal is to help bring the spirits and confidence of other nurses up in an all too often cruel world who constantly tries to tear us down or expect us to conform to who they say we should be. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to proudly yet humbly serve as an Ambassador for such a respectable company that shares the same passions and principles as myself. 

The work overload, long shifts, stressful situations and measures taken to care for our patients we and our scrubs endure wear not only on our bodies but our uniforms as well. Med Couture’s selection of scrubs are a perfect fit for every body and personality and for any environment in the medical field. Every Med Couture scrub is meticulously crafted with comfort in mind and offer a wide variety of unique, fashion-forward styles to choose from perfectly blending fashion with function. Med Couture scrubs not only enable you to work more efficiently but will have you looking and feeling great all day!

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  • Congratulations Jade!! Well said☺️I to love Med couture scrub!! It feels good not to look like what your going through!! Many Blessings

    April lee

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