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Women Crush Wednesday is back for National Women’s History Month! We’re featuring one of our favorite veterinarians, Dr. Juli! Follow her on Instagram @dolphindoc12!

Dr. Juli received her doctorate from Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003 and embarked on a career working with marine mammals; her research findings have been published in noted scientific journals.  She has assisted and consulted with numerous projects around the world including the release of two dolphins in Turkey (in association with the Born Free Foundation),  and  work in China with three Beluga whales that will be relocated to a marine sanctuary, the first program of its kind. Many of her exploits and rescues have been featured on nationally syndicated television documentaries and feature films. As one of the veterinarians for the dolphin “Winter” she was featured in the Warner Brothers film “Dolphin Tale”, and plays herself in the sequel “Dolphin Tale 2”.  

Dr. Juli also holds the title of Ms. USA Petite Lifetime Queen and uses this platform to lecture audiences of all ages worldwide on issues concerning both human and animal health. Her goal is to encourage today’s young girls to get an education and pursue their dreams. She also founded the non-profit organization to aid those going through cancer treatment with their pets in honor of her golden retriever, “Stryder.”  

She is the creator and co-host of the podcast “Dr. Juli’s Wild World, with Betsy Landin”, has been featured on numerous television programs including Jeff Corwin’s Ocean Mysteries, and Aqua Kids.  Podcast link:

An avid runner, she is currently training to run a 100-miler to support the sole a dolphin rescue organization in the Florida  Keys,  Dolphin’s Plus Marine Mammal Responder. Fundraising link: 


Why she loves Med Couture:   

I have been wearing scrubs my entire career, and until recently I never felt feminine or comfortable in my work clothes!  Med Couture is the first brand of scrubs that  beautifully combines fashion and functionality. My job is constantly changing, one day I can be in the  hot  sun working on a dolphin and the next inside a chilly clinic  helping a dog or cat.  Med Couture has a scrub style that fits any work situation.  My latest favorite is the Activate, they are so yummy and soft yet movable and breathable; I can even hit the gym or do a quick yoga routine  during a work break without having to change. 

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