Med Couture Nurses Week - Meet Brand Ambassador Frances!
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We are celebrating Nurses Week by featuring some of our amazing Med Couture Brand Ambassadors. Today, we are introducing you to Frances.

Hi, my name is Frances and I am a surgical RN.

My journey toward becoming a nurse has been a difficult, yet rewarding experience. While I was married, I started off doing prerequisites for my nursing degree and a counselor came to one of my classes and informed us there were still spaces available for the surgical tech program. I had no idea what that was, but good old Google led me to believe that it was a job cleaning surgical instruments. I thought to myself, “I can do that while I’m in nursing school and get my foot in the door that way”.

Long story short, it was NOT sterile processing: it was actually assisting in surgery. I was NOT able to do my nursing prerequisites and go to school while in the tech program, however once I finished the program and helped with my first surgery, I fell in love. I knew that I was going to become a nurse and stay in surgery.

Shortly after that, I started to struggle in school. I was going through a divorce, which was very emotionally and mentally stressful, but luckily I had great support from my family, friends and co-workers. They made it possible for me to stay in school, stay focused, and finish my pre-nursing courses. A great support system is very important to have because you’ll need all the help you can get.

Once I applied to nursing school, I shockingly got accepted into the nursing program three months later. I think the hardest part throughout my whole nursing education was the guilt I felt for not being there at times for my little boy due to clinicals and all the study time I needed while working full time. However, I knew it was in our best interest to stick with it.

If I could give any advice to those with children, it would be to stay driven and don’t let the guilt beat you up. The end result is so worth it and your kids will feel just as accomplished and proud as you will feel the day you have those two little letters behind your name: R.N. The day I told my son I passed NCLEX and I was officially a nurse the look on his face and the hug he gave me saying, “We did it!” was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. It IS possible to be a single mom, work full time and become a nurse.

To everyone else following their nursing dream: there will be days you feel like you’re never going to get there. To me, it always seemed as if the light was a little further away from the end of the tunnel, but I just kept studying. It is also important to form good groups of friends to study with. Nursing is all about teamwork; even in nursing school. The goal is to help each other get to NCLEX.

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my entire healthcare career, but I think that nursing chose me. The most rewarding part about my job is when my patients thank me and tell me how much more comfortable and less afraid I’ve made them feel going into surgery. It’s the little things like a hug or a thank you that make all the crazy things you deal with as a nurse worth it and I hope you get to experience that feeling too.


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