Nurses Week 2018 - Meet Med Couture Brand Ambassador Natasha
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Is what you’re doing today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?

Hi everyone, my name is Natasha and this is a question I would constantly have to ask myself throughout nursing school. While my friends and family went out after work or on the weekends, I usually stayed in studying. Although I do 100% think it is important to find a balance, I also knew what my priorities were. I wanted to become the best possible nurse I could be.

Flash forward a couple years and I have finally graduated from nursing school. I have always felt passionate about working with children and my goal is to become a Pediatric RN. I have volunteered with several different schools, tutoring and interacting with kids of different age groups. I was also able to complete my senior year preceptor ship on a pediatric unit. Nursing is an incredibly rewarding field and I feel so lucky to be able to take care of children and their families while at the hospital.

Med Couture was one of the first scrub lines I ever wore in nursing school! I have worn them at the hospital, out for coffee, chasing after children on school playgrounds and even on hikes! My favorite lines include 4-Ever Flex and Activate; the stretch and light weight material of these sets is incomparable.

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