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Did you know June 21st is International Day of Yoga? We are celebrating today by discussing some of the important benefits yoga provides.Corporate Yoga Blog Photo

Yoga isn’t just for the occasional early morning and weekend class. It is also being implemented into corporations across the world. The workplace can be so stressful, especially for those in the healthcare industry where their patient’s well being can weigh heavy on them. That is why yoga is being implemented in the workplace. Yoga is a great stress reliever. Take a look at a study done by Occupational Medicine on this very subject. An 8-week study looked at participants from a local British government authority and divided them into 2 groups. One group received a 50-minute weekly yoga session while the other group continued their regular routine. At the end of the 8 weeks, the group who received just this 1 yoga session reported a significant reduction in stress, back pain, and an overall improvement in well-being.

Another benefit of yoga in the work place is lower burnout rates. With the demanding schedule of nursing, the burnout rate can be high due to extreme amounts of stress. A 2015 study by Workplace Health and Safety looked at a group of nurses who received an “8-week yoga intervention”. The group who received the yoga sessions showed huge improvements in categories of mindfulness, emotional exhaustion, and de-personalization.

Med Couture is one of those companies that has implemented yoga into the workplace! Transformation Yoga comes to us twice a week and we could not image our work week without it! Employees who participate speak to it’s incredible benefits such as lower stress, higher productivity levels, and stronger immune systems.

But just because your workplace doesn’t offer yoga, does not mean you can’t participate! We have found a great list thanks to Do You Yoga of poses you can easily practice on your lunch break. Even better news? Med Couture Scrubs are perfect to do your yoga in!

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