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With a new school year shining over the horizon, it’s that time of the year for nursing students when the search for the perfect “back to school” scrubs is in full swing. Picking the perfect scrubs at the beginning of the year can save you tons of potential discomfort, not to mention money, and it’s a sure fire way to set you up to have an awesome year. To help ensure you pick the right scrubs for you, we’ve put together a few tips for you!

Med Couture Energy Scrubs In Wine

Dress Code

The very first thing you need to consider are any dress code mandates set by your nursing school, nursing training facility, or employer if you’ll be participating in an internship or similar program. Its’ possible that your program allows colors but frowns on patterns, or allows only certain colors. Some health care centers don’t place obvious restrictions on nursing scrubs, in which case, the sky is the limit!

Regardless of whether you’re under strict dress code or you have the freedom to choose, Med Couture is sure to have something that fits. For example, our newest collection, Med Couture Energy, comes in Coral, a bright sporty fashion color, as well as the basic core colors of Black, Pewter, Navy, Royal, and, coming Spring 2019, Wine and Caribbean. And even if your program doesn’t allow contrast color details, we have Med Couture Activate, which also comes in basic core colors as well as more fun colors such as Spearmint, our more feminine take on Surgical Green, and Pink Punch, a vibrant hot pink!




Buy SMed Couture AIR Scrubs in Tealoft Scrubs

You’ll be spending entire days in your scrubs. You’ll need to run about, answer emergencies, and stand for hours. Your scrubs must be soft enough to flex with your body and give you support through your day. All of our collections are made from ultra soft fabrics that won’t abrade your skin when you wear them for hours at a time.

Our scrubs have the added bonus of also being easy care: just throw them in the wash, pop them in the dryer, then slip into them! There’s no need for an iron when you’re dealing with any of our performance fabrics.







Med Couture Activate Pants in CeilBuy Well-fitted Scrubs

Try on your scrubs before you buy them. Make sure the tops fit well at the shoulders, the arms and the torso. You don’t want them baggy and droopy, getting in the way of your work. You also don’t want them tight, so that when you sweat, the fabric starts pulling. Your pants must fit perfectly at the crotch.

If you want a more “tailored” experience, try out a pair of our Med Couture 4-EVER Flex scrubs. This collection has been painstakingly tweaked and tailored to fit all sizes and shapes and is soon to be offered up to size 5X!






Med Couture 4-Ever Flex in Persian BlueBuy Stylish Scrubs

Don’t compromise on style when you buy scrubs! Unless your program is strictly against stylish scrubs, go ahead and invest in a few that have cute designs.

At Med Couture, we pride ourselves on the level of style we’ve given our scrubs. There’s a pair of Med Couture scrubs for everyone. If you’re looking for feminine flair, check out our 4-EVER Flex Keyhole Neckline Impact Top and Power Skinny Yoga Pant. If sporty style is more your thing, take a look at our Refined Sport Knit Top and Transformer Yoga Pant.






Med Couture T-Shirt in PInk PunchBuy Under Shirts

If you like having a T-shirt underneath your scrub top, whether it’s due to comfort, warmth, or just in case a spill happens, you may want to take that into consideration when you’re shopping.

Fortunately for you, Med Couture offers under shirts too! Our Performance Knit Tee is crazy comfortable and comes in a literal rainbow of colors to match any of our scrubs.







We hope this little collection of tips will help you find that perfect set of back to school scrubs! And to view more of our collection of medical scrubs and scrub accessories, browse around our website and follow us on instagram @medcouture!


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