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We are excited to kickoff our newest series, Med Couture Retailer Showcase, with a store that is local to our corporate office. FirstLine Pro Wear is located in Flower Mound, TX and opened last month. We got the chance to tour their beautiful store and learn more about them from owner Kimberly Couch, and General Manager Cliff Couch.

First off, tell us how you guys got started in the business.

Kimberly: We both have backgrounds as police officers. I would do the uniform ordering and found how hard it was to find what we needed and find it at the right price. After speaking with others, I realized I wasn’t the only one with this issue. That is when I decided to go for it.

Photo of Med Couture retailer FirstLine Pro Wear

What is your favorite part of what you do?

Cliff: To me, it is all about the customer interaction. Being able to build relationships with our customers and bring them into our family is what it is all about.

Kimberly: I love knowing that I am making it easy for our customers. We are truly a one stop shop for anyone who wears scrubs.

What are some trends you are noticing in uniforms lately?

Kimberly: The trend right now is combining comfort and style. Customers are tired of boxy uniforms that don’t look good. Embroidery is also huge right now which is why we do it in store while you wait. Really, it’s just about looking good without the hassle.

Cliff: We have noticed the trend is that the scrub wearing market has really broadened. Scrubs aren’t just for nurses and doctors anymore and why should they be. Scrubs are so comfortable and there is such a large group who can benefit from them. Many scrub-wearers have been forgotten in the past so focusing on them has been very important to us.

Photo of Med Couture retailer FirstLine Pro WearWhat do your customers like most about Med Couture?

Cliff: The fit and versatility they find in Med Couture is huge. Living in Texas, the breathability in fabric is important and collections like AIR and Activate provide that to them. Just because you wear scrubs, you can still feel like a million bucks and with Med Couture they do.

Kimberly: They love everything about the Activate collection. It’s more fitted, so they look nice while still being comfortable. You can just change and go with no fuss. And of course, all the fun colors!

Lastly, what is your Med Couture ‘must have’ for this season?

Cliff: Black and Navy are huge. And having a variety of pant lengths readily available.

Kimberly: Activate anything! And the colors right now are all about black or anything bright.Photo of Med Couture retailer FirstLine Pro WearPhoto of Med Couture retailer FirstLine Pro WearPhoto of Med Couture retailer FirstLine Pro Wear

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